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Do you know the "grade" of your current car?

In fact, even if the car is the same model, the purchase price can vary greatly depending on the grade. When the difference is the largest, it is not uncommon for the difference to be between 1 million yen and 3 million yen.

Therefore, this time, we will explain how to search and check the grade of your car, which you may not know.

Purchase amount varies greatly depending on grade

If you are thinking of buying a car, when looking up the purchase market price, you can narrow down your search to the grade. The appraised value will be more accurate.

This is because The specifications of cars vary greatly depending on the grade, so the purchase price also changes greatly. However, surprisingly few people remember what grade their car was after a while after purchasing it.

Furthermore, even if you try to search for the market price by inputting the car model and grade, there is actually no mention of the grade on the vehicle inspection certificate, so many people are in trouble. So what exactly is a car's "grade"? We'll also take a deep dive into how to search for your car's grade.

First of all, what is “grade”?

If you look up the word "grade" in a dictionary, you will find the meanings of grade and class. If we translate the meaning of class into the grade of a car, there are differences in specifications within the same car model due to equipment, interior and exterior, drive type, transmission, engine type and displacement, passenger capacity, etc.

Currently, most Japanese car manufacturers offer multiple grades with different equipment to suit the needs of users. Therefore, even the same model from the same manufacturer may have significantly different specifications.For example, the following is an example of a car model with different 4WD systems.

Toyota RAV4 (current model)

As in the case above, even the same Toyota RAV4 is divided into three grades: "G", "Adventure", and "HYBRID G".

Regarding car grades, the cheapest grade is generally called the "entry grade" and the most expensive grade is called the "top grade." Generally, Popular grades and higher grades have higher ratings, and Entry grades. tends to be rated low.

For example, in the case of Toyota Alphard, the new car price of the entry grade "X" is 3.52 million yen, but the new car price of the top grade "Executive Lounge S" is 7.42 million yen, and the price difference is 3.9 million yen.

Toyota Alphard (Current model)

Common Name Grade Name Vehicle Price
Entry Grade X (2.5L gasoline, 2WD, 8-seater) 3.52 million yen (tax included)
Top Grade Executive Lounge 7.42 million yen (tax included)

As you can see from this, the price difference between the top grade and the entry grade is more than double, so you can see how the grade is an important indicator that influences the appraisal value in purchasing.

Confirmation method

1. Confirm from the manufacturer's official website

For major domestic manufacturers, you can search for the grade of your car using the "chassis number" from the manufacturer's official website, unless it is an extremely old model.

Simply click on the manufacturer logo below and you will be directed to the manufacturer's official website to check the corresponding vehicle grade.


2. Confirm through direct Web Inquiry.

In the case of older models or imported cars that cannot be confirmed from the manufacturer's official website, the vehicle inspection certificate will show you the model designation number and classification number you can use that and it is possible to make a web inquiry on the information sites of the makers to get the information on the vehicle’s grade.

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