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How It Works

Want to know how to buy auction vehicles in Japan in 7 easy steps? Read on…

1. Register with NEXCO JAPAN

Complete the 2 weeks’ free registration process with Nexco Japan for full access to ALL cars available for export in ALL Japanese auctions. Your account will be activated as soon as possible. Go To Registration

2. Pay Deposit

Nexco Japan members are required to pay a 100,000 JPY or USD 1,000 security deposit before bidding.  This can be paid by Telegraphic Transfer, PayPal, Transfer Wise or Western Union and is fully refundable. The deposit amount is subject to change for expensive vehicle purchases. Contact us for payment options

3. Choose Your Car and Place Bid

Nexco Japan will not try to sell you a car. Using our live auction search engine, you can browse & find your desired vehicle. We guide, support, and provide translations, assistance & opinions along the way. All vehicles can be found by lot number, chassis, model etc. plus you can fine tune your search by adjusting the year, mileage & engine size parameters

Click on the lot number for a vehicle of interest and when the car page opens you have more functions at your fingertips such as month of production, catalogue data and statistics sales for average prices and recent sales history.

If you wish to make a bid, type a JPY (Japanese Yen) amount into the white box above “Enter a bid or request information” button and click to submit.

NOTE: NEXCO JAPAN only guarantees bids entered before 9am(JST).

If you only require more information or a translation of the auction inspection sheet, then select USD and do not enter an amount.  You may add comments or questions in the text box before submitting.

For assistance go to our NEXCO Auction User Guide

4. Pay for Vehicle Purchase

Once your bid is successful, you will be notified by email immediately & receive an invoice the same day. For one time buyers, you may pay the balance (total cost minus JPY or USD deposit). For regular buyers, we recommend leaving your deposit with us to avoid bank transfer charges for your further purchases.

N.B. The total cost will consist of:
Sale price of the vehicle
Our FOB/Services fee (discount JPY 75,000 / standard JPY 85,000)
Transportation to nearest shipping yard for immediate export. (usually around JPY 10,000 but can be more for certain auctions)
Inspection fee if there is any obligation from your country's laws.
A JPY 7500 or 50$ banking fee charged by our bank to receive international TT.

To summarize: Auction price + Services fee + Transport to dock + Bank fee + Inspection fee (if any)

There is also a 2% surcharge on vehicles over 700,000 JPY, and a 4% surcharge on vehicles over 1,500,000 JPY auction price.

5. Shipping

With all purchases, you just need to pay your account, and we handle the rest. The first available ship will be booked and you will receive all documents by registered mail and your vehicle at your chosen port.

6. Documents Dispatch

After the shipment vessel departs from Japan, we will send all the necessary documents for customs clearance and vehicle registration to your specified courier address.

Please reach out to the clearing agent at your destination port to make arrangements and prepare for the clearance process before the vessel's arrival.

7. Receive Your Car

The long awaited time is over now, your requested vehicle awaiting the pickup on the designated port.

Please note that we can only arrange vessel shipping to your country’s port. You will need to arrange local transportation for the pickup after the vehicle arrives at your designated port.

How to buy car from Japanese Auto Auctions. you can take a view on our VIDEO GUIDANCE in 3 parts.

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