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Most of cars from end users go to authorized dealers or wholesalers. Those dealers bring them to Japanese Auto Auctions all over the country. Cars in Auctions are exhibited to wholesalers including other car exporters. The person who put highest value can purchase the car and sell it to overseas after adding profit. Buy cars from auction directly and save money!

Japanese Used Cars Distribution to Overseas

Our strong point

No bidding fee

You need to pay a deposit before the auction, but the full amount will be refunded after the sale is concluded! Of course, you can search for vehicles at auction through our website for free, and there is no membership fee. Since there is no bidding fee, the cost and total charge will be reduced significantly.

The cost after purchase is cut to a minimum

Our company exports more than 500 cars every month, and the number is increasing year by year. Due to the volume of automobile exports, we keep the various shipping costs, such as land transportation costs, shipping charges, and forwarder fees, to a minimum amount. Also, since we are affiliated with forwarders in almost every region of the country, you can purchase a vehicle locally and carry it to the nearest port and ship it. Consequently, costs such as inland charge are reduced.

Here is how much you can save with NEXCO JAPAN

# Label Others NEXCO JAPAN
1 Car Price 1,030,000 JPY 1,030,000 JPY
2 Bidding Fee (You bid on the car, it costs us JPY 500yen) 500 JPY FREE
3 Successful Bidding Fee 40,000 JPY 20,000 JPY
4 Domestic Transportation Fee
*depends on area you buy
15,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
5 Shipping Charge
(loading fee to the boat)
20,000 JPY 115,000 JPY
6 De-Registration and international mail 10,000 JPY 5,000 JPY
7 Service Fee (Our profit)
*Depends on car price
150,000 JPY 100,000 JPY
Total Cost 1,265,500 JPY
12,300 USD
1,180,000 JPY
11,450 USD

Participating in country side Auctions

Since we are affiliated with local auction venues all over Japan, we can understand the characteristics of each region and purchase the vehicle of your choice at the lowest price

Local regions such as Hokkaido and Tohoku (northern part of Japan) and Kyushu region (westernmost part of Japan) generally have higher inland charges to be delivered to the yard, but many cars can also be purchased for cheap in anticipation of bidding.

We are completely familiar with which vehicle can be bought for cheap at which venue. There are also venues where you can buy for cheap depending on the car model, grade, and characteristics of the vehicle. For example, trucks can be cheaper at a certain venue compared to a different venue. We will select a venue where you can buy for cheap according to your request and guide you.

We are familiar with models that can be purchased for cheap and market prices

A significant number of vehicles are auctioned every day, but none of them are exactly the same. Therefore, technology is required to accurately predict the winning bid amount from the vehicle condition and provide it to the customer.

Our company records the past successful bid information with our own system and calculates the market price for each model, allowing us to estimate the market price correctly. Together with this, our sales staff can provide the cheapest vehicle that meets the customer's request, taking into account various conditions such as model year, model code, mileage, and vehicle condition with more than 10 years of know-how.